Lawn Watering Guide


The Weekly Lawn Watering Guide is a tool that recommends watering based on weather patterns and evapotranspiration rates. The guide takes extensive data and simplifies it into how many days per week to water based on conditions in your county. Microclimates may require adjustments to your watering schedule. For more complete information on sprinkler run times and maintenance, please visit the Division's Residential Sprinkler Check.

The guide helps avoid problems with pests and disease and reduces costs associated with overwatering, saving you time and money. We estimate that Utah could save more than 20 billion gallons of water every summer if everyone were to water according to the guide!

Generally one irrigation is equal to 0.5 inches of applied water, which is roughly equal to 20 minutes with pop-up spray heads and 40 minutes with impact rotor sprinklers. For more complete information about your particular irrigation system please visit the Division's Residential Lawn Watering Guide.